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Taking a closer glance at his character, Kaneki is more like a plot device himself to steer the engine of the premise. In retrospect, Kaneki is an underdeveloped character with minimal characterization and lack of focus.

Speaking of which, the ghouls themselves are designed with monstrous traits such as their razor sharp teeth, scarlet eyes, and body structure. Emphasizing on his human traits, Kaneki fights against his gluttonous desire to consume human flesh.

However, they do come head and head against Kaneki and the others. Ask yourself first though: It shows enough ways to get most of the job done.

Others such as Touka just lacks any distinctive traits or characterization rewrite anime 2014 terror us to get to know well. A prominent character in CCG is Amon. The artwork of the series is done well visually to capture the gruesome moments in the ghoul world.

Other series such as Claymore and Shiki also have similar ideas. In fact, the very first minutes of the series wastes little time with its high volume of violence.

Furthermore, the relationship he builds with others is vaguely expressed. Now comes perhaps the worst part of the show: The brainchild of Tokyo Ghoul is Sui Ishida as his first original work. For instance, can we really sympathize with Kaneki? This can be controversial as some ghouls truly are unredeemable while others such as Kaneki and Nishiki have human values.

Studio Pierrot failed to deliver a faithful adaptation with both the characters and the story. The mask he wear is a motif to his character but the anime adaptation neglects its value. For the characters, most of them suffer from development and characterization.

Finally, the OP and ED songs are beautiful and well decorated. The way it is adapted is a degeneration of its original source. Despite being part ghoul, the show sends the message that Kaneki wishes to live as a human instead.

They both fight for what they believe in but with very different motivations. She was able to convey the character as a graceful beauty until her true visage is revealed. Touka often gets into arguments with Kaneki while Nishiki picks on him as a weakling.

The sad part is that he is perhaps one of the only character that some of us can relate to. But taking for granted, Amon can be considered a breakout character compared to others. These include his partnership with professional ghoul hunter Mado, his past, and how he became who he is today.

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Although there are some occasional comedy, the majority of the show takes itself seriously, perhaps sometimes for its own good.

Sure, their intent is to strike fear into viewers but most times, they are so predictable and saturated with tropes that it almost seems like a cruel joke. He must hide his ghoul tendencies from his neighbors, teachers, and even his best friend Hide. Despite all this, Tokyo Ghoul is a horror fest when it comes to action.

The funny thing about them is that despite being the ghouls, most of them are presented as protagonists while fighting for survival. It becomes a near totalitarian-like state as the ghouls finds themselves at constant struggle for survival.

To say the least, Tokyo Ghoul is an adaptation gone wrong when it comes to story and characters. While all this seems to strike keen interest, it just feels repetitive and quickly grows old.

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Les personnes hésitants a regardé cette anime je vous le recommande fortement si vous aimez le school life et les relations sociales entre un garçon et une fille dans cette anime.

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